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A Nov. 19, 2012 e-mail announced new themes and fonts. I just changed the theme to one that I hadn't noticed before. It looks like we're heading into a dark alley.
Let me provide one warning to other Weeblers.

I'd started another draft, then clicked on the "Design" tool in the uppermost toolbar. That was a mistake, because that first draft disappeared.

Once I'd published this, I deleted the unlucky draft and went to the Design options for fonts.

The process is to click "Design". From there, "Themes" are obvious. The fonts for title and paragraph are selected from "Design Options", if my short-term memory works.

This is Lilly Font

This is "Nunito" font at the moment. However, the fonts and themes remain throughout the whole site. One cannot pick new fonts on the fly.

Publish or Perish

The theme changes did not take effect until I clicked "publish".

Here's another warning.

Obviously the theme can change the background colour and text colour. That's fine and dandy.

But I chose the orange and green fonts for warnings and highlights in this theme. Some other theme might, for all I know, have a background that provides poor contrast. Be warned before making theme changes!

Different Themes for Different Blogs

That's not too surprising, but my "Blog of Writing" still has its own theme.
This has been an exercise in using Weebly, and simply writing one trivial post per day has been helpful.

However, I have been busy with my DeHaan Blog of Writing, also hosted by Weebly, and do not feel it is necessary to continue using this trivial blog on a daily basis.

Therefore this will be the last post of this blog.

As Douglas Adams' dolphins said, "Goodbye and thanks for all the fish".
Yes, indeed, 199 and still going strong...trivially.
The 198th trivial post is still just trivial.

197th Trivial Post


The only absolutely trivial blog that knows it is trivial...just an exercise in using Weebly.
But it is still just trivial.
Sorry, this too is trivial.

194th Trivial Post


This too is just trivial.
Simply an average trivial post.
Simply an average trivial post.