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Post number 11 in this blog has not pushed the first post off the page and into the archives.

Oh, the suspense.
Still posting daily to determine when Weebly will consign the earliest post to the archives.
Today's answer is "Not yet".
In the continuing quest to find the limit to the number of posts shown in a Weebly blog, here is another trivial post.
This "edit" page continues to show all the trivial posts. My quest is to discover how many are displayed before the oldest start rolling into archives.
So far, this "edit" page shows all these trivial posts. I am still trying to discover how many are displayed before the oldest start rolling into archives.
I continue adding trivial posts each day, in a quest to understand the mysteries of Weebly. "When does it scroll into the archives"?
I continue to add a trivial post each day, seeking the mystery of "when does it scroll into the archives".
I continue to add a meaningless blog post on a daily basis. My main goal is to determine when the visible posts disappear from view.
As I note in "Weebly Discoveries", I will be creating a series of trivial daily Blog Posts here, to see how Weebly handles them.

Here it goes with the "Publish Live" button.

It just became the top Blog Post in this blog. That works "l
This Weebly site is my place to experiment with Weebly and discover its capabilities and foibles.

As well, this site helps me work on my Weebly-hosted DeHaan Blog of Writing.

I thought I had edited this...and I had...and the data was saved. Now I will remember to click "publish". And I did.

Apparently I do not see this until I click the "edit" button, as the logged-in author. Now I will click "publish".

What makes this a blog entry rather than a page?
How does Weebly distinguish? More importantly, what difference does it make to the casual visitor?
Most of the answers are being developed in my "Weebly Mysteries" page in this site. (I will now "Save to Live" but avoid hitting "Publish")...Surprisingly, "Save to Live" did the job without the help of the "Publish" button.

In fact, the "Publish" button does nothing for a Blog Post; the "Save to Live" button does everything. That is the opposite of the Page's process.

This Title is a Drag

Because this is a Blog Post, rather than a Page entry, it does not support the "Paragraph with Title" drag-down widget.

I was indeed able to drag down a title widget, which is now seen as "This Title is a Drag".

By the way, this is a title inside the "Updated First Post!" post, dated Jan. 1, 2011.