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Unfortunately the only special item about this post is that it is a nice, healthy, round number...both a multiple of, and a power of, ten.
This blog continues to do trivial things with Weebly in an attempt to learn more about it.
Here's a bit of trivia: an old hymn starts "The ninety-and-nine were safe in the fold"...referring to the story Jesus told about the shepherd who tracked down the one lost sheep when 99 were safely in the night, without modern flashlights or infra-red goggles.

In theory this blog simply keeps me looking at Weebly for clues as to its performance. Yesterday I updated the Weebly Discoveries page, in case that matters to anyone. But this blog is still trivial.

I have just installed a Kontera code for both my Weebly sites. I had requested it in the "health" category, since I offer fitness and weight control services through my DeHaan Services business.
With a heavy heart, I confess this is still trivial, and I begin to despair of finding many newer features in Weebly using this approach.
The 97th trivial post continues the tradition of saying little while trying to spot Weebly oddities.
Continues the boring saga of posting simply to notice Weebly behaviours.
Unfortunately, this is still simply a trivial post rather than something of intrinsic value. If I notice anything interesting about Weebly, it will be logged in the "Weebly Discoveries" page.
Happy Easter. This is still just a trivial post, however, but I don't think I will notice anything interesting about Weebly today.
Still all trivia, all the time. Sorry.
Although this blog officially covers only the trivial task of making blog entries so I can keep looking for oddities in Weebly, I will take this opportunity to add a link to Squidoo. "The DeHaan Lens for Coat Rack Stands" has racked up my first affiliate sale for an "Oak Finish Wood Hall Tree Coat Rack" via Amazon.
I just keep on writing trivial posts in order to keep aware of how Weebly works. Sometimes I notice something interesting, which is added to my "Discoveries".
Today, unfortunately, is not one of those days.