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Sadly, this is simply trivial.
Sometimes I notice something interesting about Weebly when making an entry here. Sometimes not. Sorry.
Yesterday I made a new Weebly Discovery, quite by accident, while making a blog post. Trivial, but fun.
If you're a Weebly author, try dragging the "link" symbol down into your text. Go on, I double-dog dare you, try it.
(It is useless and trivial, but try it anyway).

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189th Trivial Post


Just another trivial post to ensure I keep using Weebly.
Although trivial, this did remind me that it is not easy (for me) to quickly type "eighty-eight" without mucking up the g/h/t keys.
This is still trivial. Check my DeHaan Blog of Writing for non-trivial posts.

Trivial Post 186


This is trivial post number one hundred eighty-six. Yes, it is indeed trivial.
Yes, another trivial post in a string of trivial posts.
I wouldn't dream of making a non-trivial post at this late date.
This continues to be a wasteland of trivial posts.